SSC is a value added company that provide professional services, vast equipment and supplies.


Product – Equipment and Supplies

SSC specializes in providing equipment and supplies for Federal and State agencies. Our primary goal is to maximize the Federal Government’s resources by offering the highest quality equipment and supplies through best value practices. We have a large network of resources that allows us to offer product variation and quality while exceeding delivery expectations.

FSSI -Office Supply Fourth Generation (OS4)

The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Office Supplies Fourth Generation (FSSI OS4) is GSA’s latest FSSI solution and has been named Best-in-Class (BIC) for office supplies by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). This solution provides an opportunity to achieve significant savings and meet sustainable acquisition.


SSC is one of the awardees of the FSSI-OS4 under contract number 47QSEA19D0002 offering supplies under the following SINs:

322291 – Restroom Products

339940OS4 – OS4 Office Products and Supplies

Office and Facility Products

SSC offers a large network of resources for office supplies you need and lots more. We offer product variation and quality that includes writing supplies, folders and filing, office basics, desks accessories, calendars, and planners. These acquisition capabilities cover numerous supplies and equipment while exceeding delivery expectations.

Information Technology Products

The technological landscape is always changing. SSC is here to provide you with the latest resources. We offer an all-inclusive range of industry-leading technology products, software, and support services. We have in-house experts, partnerships that are on the leading-edge knowledge of changing Technology. We offer wide-ranging sources of electronic equipment to include hardware, software, networking for optimal and effective solutions.

Industrial Products

SSC offers top-quality industrial supplies to end-users. We provide an extensive breadth of quality maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products Quality and customer satisfaction is our prior, therefore; we carry the brands you trust, along with alternatives to suit any budget and provide options.

Medical Products

SSC Offers a wide variety of medical, dental supplies and equipment. We partner with some of the nation’s largest distributor of wholesale medical and dental supplies and equipment to ensure our end-users only receive qualify commodities. Our inventories contain innovative line of products that deliver significant and sustained value.

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